MacOS X Lion 10.7.1 in Wetab / Exopc

Here we go…

By now is booting… i need to search which “drivers” are needed for the hardware…

Too many projects in the same time😛


    • Line
    • 14/10/11

    Do not be distracted from the adaptation of android, many are waiting on you updated versions. Mac OS X is not designed to control the fingers.
    Question: Do you have a device 3Q, is not WeTab, it is sold in Russia. I’m like that.
    Thank you for your work!

    • 😀
      Dont worry… i dont distract, but with the release of Ice Cream Sandwitch (Android 4.0) i have this project paused. Maybe we get ICS for X86 and all the work i do is a lose of time… i dont forgot about it, just taking some time (4 days :P).
      I have MacOSX in a device with touchscreen and works better that with windows 7 (using the finger, i mean)

      The device in the video is was borrowed to me by wetab to port Android, i have mine that right now is Windows7-Fedora15-Android.


    • Antonio
    • 31/12/11

    Hola, ¿consiguió que funcionara Mac OS en la WeTab?
    Es que he visto un vídeo, en el cual inicia Mac OS en su Wetab, por eso se lo preguntaba.
    Si la respuesta es afirmativa, me podría dar unas breves indicaciones de como hacerlo.
    Muchas gracias. Feliz año 2012.

    • Si, pero con un gran problema y es que la tarjeta grafica no tiene aceleracion y posiblemente nunca la tendra porque no hay drivers para ello.
      En cuanto a los pasos, es igual que instalar cualquier otro Hackintosh… si tienes algo de experiencia haciendolo tardaras un poco, si no tienes experiencia, mejor ni lo intentes… te va a llevar mucho tiempo si es que eres capaz de hacerlo.

    • Pawe
    • 31/03/12

    macosx!!! :>
    i can be betatester😉

    • Sorry… this was a proof of concept. No hardware acceleration for graphics, so is slow… No more development from my side in this project…

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