Android ICS 4.0.3 for wetab (ENGLISH) (UPDATED)

FINAL VERSION (4-11-2012):

Well, possibly this will be the last version from me for this tablet, at least until we get a full support for x86 apps in android and Intel help with the drivers.

Right now, with 2 or 3 little problems, the tablet is fully useable with android, so in this last version only changed the launcher and added 2 files that may fix the 3G.

For the people that installed update5, the changes are little so i uploaded the new files. must be uncompressed in /system/etc/ppp and the apk only need to be installed, then press home and use the new launcher.

All files are in this folder: Here

Update5 (30-3-2012):
New version with suspend fixed, the sd works correctly (see notes) and 3G updated. Please can someone test with a sim that dont use roaming and give me some feedback about 3G working.

In settings/storage only two devices are shown, the internal (fake) sdcard and the usb (if one is connected). If you insert a real sdcard it will be mounted in /mnt/sdcard_ext and can be accessed using a file manager, but is not shown in settings.

Link: Link

UPDATE4 (8-3-2012):

Almost a month since las update… this is the result of not get a salary for this… i can only spend my spare time in this project… 😦

By the way… you know that i have a paypal for donations, if you like my work you can buy me a beer 😀 Donate

New version with this features…

Multitouch screen
/data/media mounted like /mnt/sdcard (fake sdcard) and real sd mounted in /mnt/sdcard_ext
Google apps
Battery status
Suspension and resume
3G (working in all Android apps, market included, but is in alpha status and have some problems.. see notes)
Wallpaper (Not all works, but i added one Live (something related with water) that is tested… try more in market)
No more white screens nor red border
Support for intel wifi for our wetab clone friends (not tested… see notes)

About 3G, you must have a sim card inserted at boot and the provider must be supported (i test with two and only one works). When wetab starts, wait for 5 minutes and go to terminal emulator and run:
start pppd-gprs

When you launch su for first time superuser ask for permissions… allow it.
3G is not a supported feature, is only a Proof of Concept and i will not help you to fix it.

I will work in 3G and some other tweaks like support for CrystalHD, but dont expect a fast fix, because i dont have the free time i had. If someone is interested i can give some help and explain what is the problem, but you must have some knowledge compiling.

If not noted all is like the last version (suspend and so on)

Link: Updated

UPDATE3 (2012-02-07):

I broke the sound in last update, so i redo all the work and now this is the status:

Screen with multitouch
Brightness control
There is a new “virtual” sdcard stored in /data/media that mounts in /mnt/sdcard, but the real sdcard is mounted too in /mnt/sdcard_ext
Camera (with video, but very slow)
Google apps (Market!!!)

3G. Trying to integrate it into Android, so no command line is needed.
Background image

Suspend: To come back from suspend, press once, to get shutdown menu, press twice.

Bluetooth: For BT working, the wifi must be on. Switch on the wifi before start BT, once BT starts you can switch off the Wifi.

Remember to mark Use GPU for 2D in Development, or you will get a white screen.



Thanks: Xyzzy from and ejtagle from


    • gabriellacoursiere
    • 31/01/12

    Very nice Job. I own an Exopc tablet, and this is the first android image that works good on it. The only thing from this current image, is that I cannot go into command line. ALT-F1 does not work. Maybe I do something wrong ?

    Waiting for the next release….

    • In ICS images there is no console… if you want console need to use Terminal Emulator


    • gabriellacoursiere
    • 2/02/12

    Thanks for your answer. But I did try to open Terminal emulator, and I get a white screen, not seeing what I typed in. May be I would need to set some graphic resolution, or color settings somewhere ??

    • From post:

      “Dont forget to put display time to 30 secs and in development force 2D GPU force.”


        • gabriellacoursiere
        • 2/02/12

        Thank you very much….. With those settings I can now see the screen in Terminal Emulator. I am trying to configure 3G and I followed the above instructions, but there is no file /system/etc/ppp/peers/gprs-connect-chat. There is only one file called gprs in /system/etc/ppp/peers, and I dont see any APN entry in the file. I did try to find an exemple for this file on the net, but did not find any. Could you give me an example of what that file looks like.

        Thanks again

  1. Edited the post… now has the correct path.

    This will only work with browser, i’m working to fully integrate it in android, but i dont know when it will be ready.

    • gabriellacoursiere
    • 2/02/12

    Good, found the file and ajusted-it for my isp APN. But 3G does not start after doing a start ppp. May be I would need to add settings like Proxy, MCC, MNC, but I don’t know what file to edit to put thoses settings in. Do you have a clue for me ??? I know you gave me a lot of cues, and I do appreciate it very much. If I can make 3G work, I would probably use Android on my tablet, but without 3G, it’s almost useless. Anyway, Thanks again for your time.

    • Angel
    • 7/02/12

    Podrias añadir ethernet a la iso?

    • Cody
    • 8/02/12

    I love this wetab build for the ExoPC tablet and wanted to thank you for the work.

    The only thing I am curious about is why you modified the Build.prob file to the point that the android market refuses to install so many apps?

    The default build.prop file from android-x86 allowed for any of the Official Google apps along with items such as Firefox Mobile.

    It’s not a huge deal since it can be edited but I was curious why you limited your potential app selection so much.

    • I dont edited anything… is the resulting from a compilation. Can you put a no modified build.prop?


    • Mike
    • 10/02/12

    I’m running this on an ExoPC and everything works as advertised except the “Google Voice” search. It keeps saying that it has stopped working. That and YouTube behave the same way. Is it me or do these apps just not work.

    Thanks for your fantastic work on this.

    • angel
    • 10/02/12

    Ya sé que esta iso es para wetab si ethernet. Lo que intento hacer con el es poder conectar un telefono por usb y usarlo para conectar a internet

    • Pero para eso no necesitas ethernet… lo que necesitas es tethering pot usb y esta rom no lo tiene (aun). Si tienes un android podras hacerlo via Wifi o BT.


    • Jamal Ahmed
    • 12/02/12

    Thank you, its very good work, I like it but I can’t get sound to work nether the keybord.
    I hope there is a fix for that

    Thanks agine for the greet job

    • Jamal Ahmed
    • 12/02/12

    By the way I installed it in Dell Inspiron due

    I hope you have fix for the keybourd and sound not working

    Thanks pro.

    • I see that you installed it in a Duo… not same hardware so it might not work… this is a rom designed for work only in Wetab (less generic that the official TegaV2) so is normal that dont work in Duo.

      I cant do a image for Duo, but if some one if interested in do it and is able to compile an android rom i will help him/her as much as i can.

    • Mike
    • 12/02/12


    Do you have any answer or comments to my questions about Google voice and Youtube “has stopped working”. The latter worked on my Exopc with Gingerbread (or some earlier version)?

    • Angel
    • 13/02/12

    No me funciona el wifi con ninguna rom. Por eso uso el usb

    • angel
    • 14/02/12

    Podrias añadirla?

    • Podria intentarlo, pero no te prometo que pueda, ni que me de tiempo. En principio mi prioridad es el 3G. y conseguir mas bateria y mejor rendimiento, si en el camino de esto puedo poner ethernet por usb, mejor.

      Necesitaria que me especificaras que chipset tiene tu adaptador, ya que hay varios.


    • Angel
    • 14/02/12

    El chipset de la wlan es Realtek rtl8191SE. Gracias por intentarlo.

    • Angel
    • 14/02/12

    El ethernet es por usb con un movil conectado por tetering usb. En una iso me funciona y me sale en el dispositivo ethernet el usb0

    • ITPortugal
    • 16/02/12


    I need your help, are you able to use GPS on this image?
    I’ve tried but is not working could you please help me out? How could I fix this? I’m using a Exopc that has a Huawei EM770 WWAN/GPS module.


    • Angel
    • 16/02/12
    • Le echare un vistazo, en cualquier caso, como te comentaba necesito que me digas que chip lleva tu cable usb-ethernet, porque hay varios.

  2. ITPortugal :


    For me it is not working. Neither GPS or 3G. Is there something else that I could try? Is there some commands that I could use to enable GPS and 3G?
    I’d already tried the command mentioned above for ppp but nothing seems to happen; I start ppp under command line and nothing happens, I try to search networks at settings and it keeps on searching;
    GPS under Windows needs an applet to run, on android i’d already tried lots of applets and nothing seems to work.
    Huawei EM770W (3g/GPS) has anyone been able to work with this under Android?

    If anyone has this running I would have the perfect image for EXOPC/WETAB


    About 3g, like i said is a work in development. It can be done, but i’m waiting for a fix un youtube to make a new image with (maybe) 3g working.

    About GPS, i dont tested it sorry… i will do if have time, but some people did it and get it working… sorry i can give you more info.


      • ITPortugal
      • 17/02/12

      Hello Corvus,

      Thanks for your reply in such a quick time.
      Please try to confirm it and let me know. If these 2 things start working I would have the perfect image with everything working perfectly.

      Thanks once again.

    • ITPortugal
    • 20/02/12

    Hello is there any update regarding 3G and GPS?


    • Not by now… i dont have time to do any image and no new updates in youtube problem… i will do it, but dont know when…

  3. Cuando se suspende la tableta se reactiva sola a los pocos segundos ¿Le pasa a alguien mas?¿Hay algun foro donde se comenten estos temas sin dar la plasta a Corvus?
    Por cierto, muchas gracias, que grande. Hay mucha gente que conozco que no se lo cree hasta que no lo ven …

    • Gracias, la verdad es que es un trabajo laborioso… estoy a la espera de que solucionen el tema de Youtube para hacer una nueva imagen…

      En cuanto a lo de suspender, es un problema conocido, hay aplicaciones o parte de hardware que no se ha ido a dormir de una forma correcta, puede ser la wifi, la sd o alguna aplicacion que se pone ha hacer algo. Estamos mirando como hacerlo mas estable…


    • Catscrash
    • 24/02/12

    is there a way to get rid of the virtual sd card? i tried changing vold.fstab to

    dev_mount sdcard /mnt/sdcard auto /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.7/usb2/2-5/2-5:1.0
    dev_mount usb /mnt/USB auto

    but that just resulted in only having the virtual sdcard anymore


      • Catscrash
      • 24/02/12

      got it, uncommented

      [ -z “$SDCARD” -o “$SDCARD” = “internal” ] && start sdcard

      in /etc/, afterwards the changes in /etc/vold.fstab worked

    • I think that if you change:
      dev_mount sdcard /mnt/sdcard auto /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.7/usb2/2-5/2-5:1.0

      dev_mount sdcard_ext /mnt/sdcard_ext auto /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.7/usb2/2-5/2-5:1.0

      It will not mount virtual and will mount real sdcard in /mnt/sdcard_ext


    • Max
    • 25/02/12

    Hi Corvus,
    I enjoyed your great work very much. Your image works fine on my device (which is the other Pegatron clone with slightly changed hardware configuration, it has an Intel wireless card). I noticed that your image even has firmware for my wireless card included. I tried to build iwlagn.ko driver by myself, but without any success. Could you be so kind to include this driver in your next update or send it to my e-mail? Thank you in advance.

    • In next release i will add support for Intel cards (if doesnt affect to the atheros card of original wetab).


        • Max
        • 25/02/12

        Great! Thanks a lot!

  4. Hi Corvus,

    thanks A LOT for this work, now I can use the ExoPC for something 🙂

    However whenever it goes to sleep (i.e. after 30s) it never wakes up again. Anything I’m doing wrong?

    • Are you using the last image? Or you can wait for a new one that will be release in the next days.

      • Yes I am using latest one in UPDATE3.

        Also a friend of mine with a Wetab just installed it and has same issue.

        Will wait 😉 Thanks!

  5. Hello.
    I have the same problem as that of Max. In my Pegatron Lucid installed module WiFi – Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6250 ABG. And the only assembly with working Wifi for me is AMD-Brazos (from…..but nothing more is not working properly 🙂
    I hope you will not forget to include drivers in the next assembly.
    Thank you in advance.

    P.S.: The device also does not wake up from suspend.

    • Like i said this is a image for Wetab, not generic for pegatron tablets. Anyway i will compile Intel kernel module, but i dont know if it will work without modifications.

      • UPDATE4. WiFi works! Thank you for your work. Everything works fine except the suspend mode. If this problem is solved, it will be a perfect solution for all

      • Working to fix suspend problem…

        Happy that Intel wifi works. Can you send me some info about your tablet, model, etc?

        • Javi
        • 12/03/12

        On wetab, suspend did not work until I marked “Use GPU for 2D” in Development.

        • Max
        • 13/03/12

        I confirm, it works like a charm. I use the same Intel 6250, but AGN wifi card. Thanks again!

      • What exact model of tablet do you have?

        • Max
        • 13/03/12

        I have Pegatron Lucid clone, which is branded as “Impression Impad 0410”, here in Ukraine. It has Intel Atom N450, 2Gb RAM,CrystalHD accelerator, WiMax/WiFi Intel card, but no Bluetooth, Win7 home preinstalled

      • And I have a “Impression Impad 0410”, too. 🙂

    • gca
    • 2/03/12

    First, corvus thanks for your work, finally we can use our Intel device since they dropped MeeGo 😦
    Few issues, not sure if I am doing something wrong, maybe somebody can help.

    Is it possible the Calendar application is not working properly?
    Although my Google account appears on the settings, the app is not syncing any calendar, so I can’t use it (not even with local calendars).
    In the Accounts & Sync section of the Settings, Sync Calendars does not appear (whereas in my phone it does appears).
    Am I doing sth wrong? Might it be a bug from the app itself (

    Neither the Gallery nor the Camera are working. They require for an external storage volume, which I do not want to use. Is it possible to force the device to use the internal ssd for storage? I created only one ext3 partition, should I create 2 so the system can use the internal memory?

    Finally, I am not able to change the desktop wallpaper. Even if I select a still image or an animated one, the black color stays there. Not anything important, but curious why it is not working.

    Again, thanks for your contribution 🙂

    • Soon will have a new image with (i hope) intel support. If dont work i will need your help for debug and fix the problem.
      Calendar will be fixed too… i updated google apps and calendar might work, but i didnt test it by now.
      About sd, this new version will have a fake sdcadr (in /mnt/sdcard) a real one (if it exist will mount in /mnt/sdcard_ext) and a usb flash (if exist /mnt/USB), so allways will be a sdcard for camera and gallery.

      About desktop, i have a problem… is a bug that have low importance in working status, but have high impact because users allways try to change wallpaper… :(, so i will try to fix it


    • Javi
    • 3/03/12

    Hola, te felicito por tu trabajo 🙂

    He querido instalarlo para probar, pero no logro que me detecte el teclado, entonces no puedo seleccionar la partición destino.

    ¿Sabes alguna forma de solucionar esto? Gracias!

    • Tienes un teclado que no es compatible… si tienes otro, prueba con el… cuanto mas sencillo sea mejor.
      De todas formas, se puede cambiar de seleccion presionando una vez el sensor (circulo rojo) de la parte superior izquierda, y para seleccionar lo mantienes presionado 2 segundos.


    • Kevin
    • 5/03/12

    Is there any way for Grub to work with the touchscreen, or is that a keyboard only thing?

    • Not with the touchscreen, but you can use sensor button (the one in the top-left with a red circle). 1 press is next, hold press is select.

    • alex
    • 9/03/12

    Hola Corvus,
    Antes q nada gracias por este trabajo.
    Queria preguntarte, cuando trato de instalar algunas aplicaciones aparece el mensaje “Your device isnt compatible with this item”
    Busque en varios foros y encontre que habia que cambiar la densidad de lcd, lo hice bajando una aplicacion, estableciendo el dpi a 160, pero sigue apareciendo el mismo mensaje… tienes una idea de como se pueda corregir esto?

    • Entre otras cosas cuando se instala una aplicacion esta comprueba la compatibilidad de tu cpu, densidad lcd, si tienes sd, etc. Lo mas probable es que no te funcione por la CPU porque el 90% de los tablets y telefonos tienen cpu basada en ARM y la wetab esta basada en X86, como los ordenadores, por lo que no todas las aplicaciones son compatibles. Para comprobarlo es facir, si en el market no sale es que no es compatible, aunque te la bajes y la intentes instalar.


    • Dani
    • 9/03/12

    Hola Corvus,

    muchas gracias por esta version de Android para la WeTab (ExoPC en mi caso). Funciona realmente bien !!

    Lo único que veo que aun no funciona correctamente (o no lo se hacer) es reanudar la tablet una vez entra en suspensión (cuando la pantalla se queda en negro ya). Le doy al botón de power pero no hace nada (si lo dejo apretando la tablet se apaga definitivamente).
    Hay alguna manera de hacer que esto funcione bien ?

    • Estamos trabajando en ello, proximamente una nueva version con esos problemas funcionando.

  6. Hey there, your iso works almost perfect, almost.
    The suspend doesn’t work on my wetab. It just has an black screen with power-led on. But if I press the Power-Button It doesn’t come back from sleep. Do you have any Idea how to fix this?

    • Try with press twice in the power button…

      Anyway i know this problem and am fixing now…

      New image ASAP.

      • Javi
      • 12/03/12

      On wetab, suspend did not work until I marked “Use GPU for 2D” in Development.

    • Juergen
    • 12/03/12

    I tried to install from USB stick (android_corvusmod_beta5_for_wetab.iso) with unetbootin. The installation stops after:
    Detecting Android-x86 … found at /dev/sdb
    A N D R O I D _
    with curosr blinking.
    Any ideas what went wrong ?

    • Did you have an older version?

      Search in menu.lst if somewhere you have the work tegav2 and change it to wetab.


  7. Hey, thank you for this mod. I have to do android developement for a project at university and having an own device helps a lot. my question is if you know whether the mesa gallium driver is used or if not have you tried building mesa with it. if not I would be interested to work on this if you could help me getting started a little


  8. Our images are already compiled with this… is the only way to get HW accel.

    Or maybe with i915 (without g, i dont remember).


    hannes :

    ok, I’ll join there. just in case you build the whole android platform yourself, referring to;a=blob_plain;;hb=ics-x86 it seems that one can choose BOARD_GPU_DRIVERS=i915g to build the gallium driver (which might give better performance especially for vertex shader). Are the sources of your modifications online so that i could try build it myself?


    • Juergen
    • 24/03/12

    I would like to activate my SIM card for internet access and run
    start pppd-gprs.
    If I try to add an APN in Android Settings I cannot save it.
    There is no directory /system/etc/ppp/peers like described in earlier posts. There is another file with lot of provider entries:
    Any tipps what I can try to get the card working ?

  9. New update works great!
    Would love to see the HD accelerator working, since that is the only problem i have with the Wetab right now.
    If i can get your paypal donation link in english, i will do a contribution for it 🙂

    • I’m happy that this finaly works ok… 😀

      HD acceleration depends of graphics drivers and intel drivers for android are not capable of do it by now… hope it will work when Intel release a tablet with android, but we must wait.

        • noonetobenamed
        • 4/04/12

        Hm, the Intel Drivers are only important for 3D Acceleration. HD Acceleration on the WeTab is supplied by a Broadcom Crystal HD Chip. Needless to say, that this additional module was only shipped on the bigger 32 GB model. The “smaller WeTab” doesn’t even have a 3G Model integrated.

    • Pawe
    • 31/03/12

    downloading.. ;>

    • Pawe
    • 31/03/12

    cannot connect 😦
    i strace pppd, it get ip address, then show no such file /etc/ppp/ip-up and then wait on some select()

    • So you try the 3G and this is the problem??? Ok, it’s easy to fix… when i have time will upload a zip to copy some files in /system/etc/ppp
      You need to launch start pppd_gprs at hand or it does automaticaly?

    • fmtechteam
    • 2/04/12

    I run start pppd-gprs manually without any effect.
    If I try to add an APN in Android Settings I cannot save it.
    Would be nice to get SIM card working.

    • Juergen
    • 2/04/12

    With the new version (30-03-12) I ran start pppd-gprs.
    If I try to add an APN in Android Settings I cannot save it.
    Any tipps what I can try to get the card working ?

    • I’m working on it… there are some files missing that i will release asap.

  10. noonetobenamed :

    Hm, the Intel Drivers are only important for 3D Acceleration. HD Acceleration on the WeTab is supplied by a Broadcom Crystal HD Chip. Needless to say, that this additional module was only shipped on the bigger 32 GB model. The “smaller WeTab” doesn’t even have a 3G Model integrated.

    Refering to HD accel we speak about HD in Youtube, by example (and in some games too), and this is done by the Intel 3150 chipset (like it’s done by Mali 400 in some samsung phones and tablets.)

    Crystal HD chip only helps to decode some hd video codecs, like h264, or divx, and some flash videos too, and is not working by now in Android, we have the drivers and the libs, but no player that use them, so…

    The actual drivers from intel doesnt support all OpenGL calls so no hd by now…

  11. Wonder if anyone is seeing this on the EXOPC I installed the latest ISO on the whole drive not dual boot and its formatted in EXT3. But seems it actually goes to sleep but somehow wakes up after about 10 minutes without a button press or anything. Also if I leave it to auto sleep at 1 minute or whatever set time it goes off but flashes the screen like its trying to boot back up I wonder is there a way to make it hibernate not sleep? I know a regular linux system you can just run the su -c “pm-hibernate” but that doesn’t work with android figure the system doesn’t have the greatest battery life but it might be a way to actually make it stay off but not completely reboot. Either way thanks for the great work your doing and keep it up thought the EXOPC was just gonna be a netbook with linux but you guys brought life back to the tablet =)

    • The suspend works but sometimes depending of some programs and the devices that has been used (like gps or usb flash) it may not go to sleep or resume by itself. Im not sure if this is a generic problem or a acpi problem in this device but it requires a time to debug it that i dont have…

      Anyway thanks to test it in exopc.

    • bananajoe
    • 9/04/12

    Thank you for your work Corvus!

    Does anyone else experience a problem with the audio out jack? No sound is routed through it.

    • sda
    • 10/04/12

    I’m trying latest update (Update5 (30-3-2012).
    I’m getting:
    WARNING: An unknown tablet
    WARNING: An unknown model

    On earlier versions everything works good.
    I’m testing it on Bmodo (same hardware like in ExoPC/Wetab)

    What should I do to boot latest update?

    • Edit menu.lst in grub folder and search a line with hardware word… make sure that is =wetab


        • sda
        • 10/04/12

        I used unetbootin to create bootable USB drive. In isolinux.cfg i have:

        append initrd=/initrd.img root=/dev/ram0 i915.i915_enable_rc6=1 i915.i915_enable_fbc=1 i915.lvds_downclock=1 i915.modeset=1 ehci_force_handoff=1 pcie_aspm=force androidboot.hardware=wetab quiet SRC= DATA=

        So I have wetab in hardware option. Later I will burn iso on CD and try external usb optical drive to boot. Maybe it’s unetbootin fault (but before I didn’t have problems with that)

      • sda :

        I used unetbootin to create bootable USB drive. In isolinux.cfg i have:

        append initrd=/initrd.img root=/dev/ram0 i915.i915_enable_rc6=1 i915.i915_enable_fbc=1 i915.lvds_downclock=1 i915.modeset=1 ehci_force_handoff=1 pcie_aspm=force androidboot.hardware=wetab quiet SRC= DATA=

        So I have wetab in hardware option. Later I will burn iso on CD and try external usb optical drive to boot. Maybe it’s unetbootin fault (but before I didn’t have problems with that)

        Then probably the BIOS is not passing the correct ACPI values to Android so the tablet is not correctly identified. The scripts are changed in last version. I will try to fix them in the next version.

    • tekowalsky
    • 11/04/12

    Really cool work, Corvus. Any chance we can get the source code, if we want to compile ourselves?

    • sda
    • 12/04/12

    corvusmod :

    sda :
    I used unetbootin to create bootable USB drive. In isolinux.cfg i have:
    append initrd=/initrd.img root=/dev/ram0 i915.i915_enable_rc6=1 i915.i915_enable_fbc=1 i915.lvds_downclock=1 i915.modeset=1 ehci_force_handoff=1 pcie_aspm=force androidboot.hardware=wetab quiet SRC= DATA=
    So I have wetab in hardware option. Later I will burn iso on CD and try external usb optical drive to boot. Maybe it’s unetbootin fault (but before I didn’t have problems with that)

    Then probably the BIOS is not passing the correct ACPI values to Android so the tablet is not correctly identified. The scripts are changed in last version. I will try to fix them in the next version.

    Thank you very much! Again it works on my bModo12G so I expected that this release should (again) work on any:

    EXOPC / Ciara Vibe / Leader Slate / Mobi-One / WeTab / bModo / M&A Slate / Zoostorm SL8

    😀 (yeah same hardware multiple names)


  12. hello

    i wanna know how to configure the android for a 42 inch touch device

    can anyone help me out?

    is this version coul work on that?

    i just donwloaded the last version from this site

    and the wifi works fine but touchscreen and sound doesnt respond.
    i got update versions
    but i dont know how to copy from ubuntu terminal or
    how to decompress or copy to respective folders 😦

    ppleeeeaasse help

    • Sorry, but this is not a generic version (there is no one) so it might or not work in your hardware. If you have a device not supported and want some help you can contact me by mail or if you like i can contact you.

      Y si hablas en español, mejor 😀

    • Juergen
    • 18/04/12

    I have installed final version with the two additional files but still cannot use my SIM card. Any tipps on how to activate it:
    – Do I have to run init.gprs-pppd from /system/etc/ppp ?
    – Do I have to create an APN for my provider (in GUI I cannot save it) ?
    – What are the necessary steps ?
    Thanks for your great work !

    • No, sorry… there are so many variables that can fail that i get tired of try to fix it… by example, i have 2 sims, one is from a provider that use his own antenna, and other one a provider that has rented the antenna, the sim from the first one is detected and get an apn, but the second one not…

      Try to launch “start init.gprs-pppd” without the quotes and with root and maybe will work.

    • Juergen
    • 18/04/12

    Perhaps I need the new launcher ?

  13. Congrats to your good work, corvus! The new iso works nearly perfect on WeTab slates. Beside the 3G issue (hopefully, Chih-Wei Huang from the team will come with a fix), there are two minor issues, I detected.

    a) as reported above by bananajoe, audio-output to headset-jack won’t work. If the headset jack is plugged in, no sound at all will be present. I’ve experiemented with AlsaMixer and some Equalizer apps without success. I’ve tested also the original ICS rc1 build (for ASUS PC) installed on a SD card – it won’t work also. I guess, it’s a hardware specific issue, because the headset works on a MSI Wind U 100 netbook using the same SD card android installation. Corvus, if you like, I can post an issue in google android group.

    b) it seems, that the android installer doesn’t work to well. I installed the latest covus mod iso an a fat32 formatted SD card. I set 1024 MB für user space and I also created a Fake SD of 2048 MB. As far as I have seen, user space will be shown with 496 MB (I guess the 1 GB user.img isn’t used). Also the fake SD card isn’t mounted – and I have no write access rights to the SD_ext folder.

    Any clue how to fix that issues? Maybe I’m able to fix the fake SD card issue (I haven’t experimented to much). Concerning the “no audio” on headset issue, I have no clue where to search for a solution. So any hint will be helpful (the audio issue is raised by several WeTab users in German forum).

    Thx for your great work so far

    BTW: I’ve begun to write a short article series about your project “ICS for WeTab and ExoPC tablet” for my German readers – see

    • a) Audio out in jack is broken, but it might work… we use the default libaudio and maybe it need some tweaks…
      b) Dont use faks sdcard, it now is created allways in /mnt/sdcard (if i remember, but not sure… exec mount to see what is mounted) So you will have a virtual (or fake) sdcard and a real in /mnt/sdcard_ext. To get write access edit in /etc and add chmod 755 /mnt/sdcard/sdcard_ext

      thanks by adding this project at yout blog.


    • Sam
    • 22/04/12

    Is it possible for you to include the USB wifi (like D_Link150N or 3DSP) in this iso?
    My tablet works everything but internal wifi (3DSP) and USB wifi dongle (D_link)……!!!


    • No sorry… if you like you can compile the module yourself and make it load with wlan0 device name and it may work…

    • GregRice
    • 25/04/12

    Very nice and stable image Corvus, thank you very much 🙂

    How did you managed to solve the suspend problem?
    I’m trying to build a custom image for my Viewpad 10,
    but anything i tried yet for fixing the suspend wasn’t succesful.

    I would be pleased if you can tell me the solution 🙂


    • GregRice
    • 26/04/12

    Thanks 🙂
    Will try it next week and report if it works!

  14. corvusmod :
    a) Audio out in jack is broken, but it might work… we use the default libaudio and maybe it need some tweaks…

    @corvus: In case that you intend to change your mind and try to update the ROM:

    I’ve digged a bit around (I’m not able to go to deep into android rom), and found the following sources:


    Maybe it will be helpful to add a working libaudio to the rom?


    Günter Born

    • Thanks for your interest…

      The first link is the libs we are using now, the second is some config that right now are applied, but can be erroneus for mic. You can try to modify the files, it’s alsa, so fully documented in google (same way of config in linux)


    • Dragon
    • 6/05/12

    Thanks for this rom! But if I install “Penpower input” for Chinese stroke. It will crash immediately.
    Can you please check and make this work?


    • Daniel
    • 9/05/12

    Your latest 4.0.3 version is so good 🙂 on my exopc. I hope the Android community and Intel come through with support for x86. Then we might be able to look forward to keeping up with future Anroid versions 😉

    • Juergen
    • 12/05/12

    I would like to use my Wetab with virtual SD Card, external SD Card and USB stick.
    My vold.fstab looks like:
    dev_mount sdcard_ext /mnt/sdcard_ext auto /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.7/usb2/2-5/2-5:1.0
    dev_mount sdcard /mnt/sdcard auto /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1d.7/usb2/2-2/2-2:1.0
    dev_mount usb /mnt/USB auto

    I can access both SD cards but no USB stick (with FAT32). What changes are necessray to access USB sticks ?

    • copolii
    • 23/05/12

    Is the source somewhere on Github?

    • Sid Poleman
    • 2/06/12

    Hi or Ola,
    you deserve the highest praise for all the work and effort you put into this. I am about to install the final version, and have only on question, because I found no answer yet: Is this version already fully rooted?
    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work,

    • Yan
    • 14/06/12

    Can you share the source code for me? I would to proceed development latest build..My email:

    • Scot
    • 14/06/12

    How big of a beer would you need to check this build on an Azpen X1P tablet?

    • I dont have this device… if someone can provide me with one i can work with it. If you have one and wanna try, test the last image and comment what is working and what not.


    • Yan
    • 15/06/12

    corvusmod :
    Is some comments above.

    Thanks.. :)And is it posible to lower the CPU frequency lower than 1000 MHz change in the core?

  15. I have installed ics with only one problem. It seems I cannot get root access. Everytime an app run requsting root access got denied by super user. Any suggestions?
    Thank you very much for the great job!

    • Gilbert
    • 28/06/12

    Thank you for your works… Is it possible to load this image on my viewsonic dual boot tablets. or is there any other specific one for viewpad 10.
    And what’s wrong with coz I can’t download the iso image.

    Smart works all you have done are……

  16. Morning Corvus,

    When will you be launching the new version of the ICS for Wetab with ARM support, the 21 of last month you wre says 1 or 2 days.


  17. Thibaut Demoustier :
    Tu comentario está pendiente de moderación
    Morning Corvus,
    When will you be launching the new version of the ICS for Wetab with ARM support, the 21 of last month you were saying 1 or 2 days.

  18. Now project releases Android 4.0.4 RC2 (

    Are you planning an update of your wetab mod?

    • The Tegav2 image is almost perfect for the Wetab. Anyway right now i’m working in a new image, but i dont have a date for release by now.


        • Tek-wan
        • 23/08/12

        I hope I’m not the fiftieth person to ask, but do you have an idea when you might have the new image ready?

        Thanks for all you do.

      • Right now im on vacation, but will work on it asap

    • prober
    • 17/07/12

    corvusmod :
    Be carefull, this rom is breaking some licences from Intel, because is using some libs that cant be distributed…

    “Tu comentario está pendiente de moderación”

    Why still?

  19. Is there an updated HOWTO for the latest version?

    1) I downloaded the ISO from the link and I have unetbootin
    2) I understand I have to get GParted.but I am unsure which version of GParted I should be using (liveusb?)
    3) And if to boot with the ISO all I need to do is put the ISO on a USB using unetbootin.

    My ExoPC already does have Windows 8 installed, so I understand I may have to create a partition. But I am not sure, if after creating the partition the ISO is self-contained.

    PS: I Googled around for a HOWTO and found a few on the WeTab site in German, but the instructions aren’t exactly clear and they don’t seem to be referring to the latest version. I can piece together bits and pieces but don’t want to end up ‘Bricking’ my device.

    PS: I got here by googling “Andoid x86 ExoPC”, this was the first/best link.

    Thanks in Advance & for all the hard work you’ve put in.

    • The howto is similar in all versions, the steps are:

      1) create a second partition for android (if needed) with gparted (live version)
      2) use android iso with unetbootin and boot with it.

      If you only have Win8 installed, you need to use a live usb of gparted to create a second partition (make a backup of win8) where you will install android. Then use unetbootin to put the iso in the usb and boot the wetab with the usb, then follow the steps in the screen.

      You cant brick the wetab, it’s a pc, so you can allways reinstall windows…


      • And Hurrah!! I have Android working.
        It looks and feels really smooth, much better than Windows 8.

        Couple of questions though –
        1) The initial GRUB menu seems to need a Keyboard, is there a way to have it default or use the Sensor to navigate?

        2) When I download apps from the Google Play/market they all fail downloading, should I create a fake SD card? Or is this because of something else?

        Thanks Again Corvus!!

    • Tek-wan
    • 27/08/12

    corvusmod :
    Right now im on vacation, but will work on it asap

    The tegav2 ICS RC2 from android-x86 has some issues. An update to your mod would be great.

    Many thanks for the reply. Hope your vacation is a pleasant one.

  20. Great work! I’ve installed it dual booting with Ubuntu on my ExoPC, and it has been working great all summer.

    Hope to see an update for Android 4.0.4 and maybe include by default ARM-translator from Intell (see

    • I have a not tested new version, it have the arm-translator, but some libraries are from Intel and cannot be distributed, so maybe i can release a new version without this libs, but i have to test it and by now i have little time.

        • Tek-wan
        • 9/09/12

        I think we’d be happy to help you test. 🙂

  21. Hello the link will not let me download anything you have not a torrent or another file hosting for download? (Translated with google)

    Hola el enlace no me deja descargar cualquier cosa que no tenga un torrent o otro alojamiento de archivos para descargar? (Traducido con google)

    • Sorry, it’s seems a problem… i can browse the files but dont download to… try in some hours.

  22. Hi Corvus,
    I just discovered your Android build and installed it on my Slimpad (which is basically a wetab) and it works great !!!
    Thank you for your excellent work !!!
    I was curious to see your mods and download your device tree from the git repository found on your site.
    However when I tried to compile it I got some compilation error saying that some rules where redifined.
    Do I need some special configuration/flags to be able to compile or is it just that the git is outdated?

    • Posibly the device tree is old compared with the actual x86 sources. If you like and have some experience compiling android, i could help you if you send me the exact error.

  23. Hi…due to the fact that the website of is down I am lookin around for a place to download your great work. Is there a working link left ?

    • Seems that has some problems with my files. I send them a mail to fix it, i will post more info asap.


    • Mikadiver
    • 28/11/12

    Hello! The link for downloading the iso image seems to be not working. Is there another location to download from?

    • Like i comment earlier, Minus seems to have problems with my account and they doesnt fix it. I’m working on it, and will be fixed as fast as minus people wants.

    • MrLeV
    • 31/12/12


    I downloaded and installed the iso (without the two additional files since I think they are already in the iso, right?) on my ExoPC. I used a ntfs partition because I wanted to be able to dual boot Windows 8 on it too and still share the android partition (well access it from Windows).
    It seems to work pretty well.
    However, there are several issues I have:
    – no root access. su is giving me an “access is denied” error in terminal. I have read that this might be caused by the ntfs filesystem. Is it confirmed?
    – I can’t seem to find a way to instruct the tablet to shutdown properly (shutdown command requires a root access). Suspend work very erraticly using the sensor. Maybe I use it incorrectly?
    – dual boot without a USB keyboard is not doable, since grub legacy (0.97) does not seem to have any support for touch screen or virtual touch keyboard. I wonder if Grub 2 does and if so if I could chain load grub 2 from grub legacy
    – The Camera refuses to work without USB storage

    Anyhow, that’s a super achievement. I think that if it is confirmed that ntfs is not working as I expected, I’ll have to re-install once again, formating with ext3 this time (BTW, I previously had an “almost-never-used-Ubuntu install in the partition I used for Android x86 and the integrated formatting tool in the installer seemed to do strange things. The partition was reported by gparted, on Ubuntu booted off a USB drive, as Linux type)

    • Sorry, i havent used this file for some time, so i dont remember for sure all the info, but will try to answer as much as i can.

      The ntfs partition will be a bunch of problems, because permissions, links and others features of ext3/4 filesystems are needed. It might work but you will face some problems.

      Su, and shutdown problem will be possibly fixed using an ext3 fs.
      The keyboard problem is not a grub problem, it’s a bios problem that ha drivers for a few keyboards, and only them work. Anyway you can use the sensor (red circle in the upper left), one press is a press down, holding the press it selects. Be careful, it dont have a way to go up and sometimes when it reach the bottom it dont come back to the beginning and you will need to reboot.
      About the camera, it’s an android “problem” (not really a problem) because it need a storage for photos and videos. If you dont have a sd, you can make a new fat partition (a little one) and use it as a fake sd.

      Hope you fix all this problems and can use the wetab…

      If you have the file, please upload to dropbox or somewhere and share the link for the people that has problems downloading.


        • MrLeV
        • 31/12/12

        Ok thanks for all. I’ll redo the install soon., I will repartition.
        What layout should I use ? Especially, what size for android system partition ? i’ll also create a Fat 32 partition for it to be used as “standard storage” . i have almost 40GB used for Windows 8, so there is 20 GB left., I’ll reformat from a Usb booted Ubuntu Precise.

        I could use the sensor OK., I feel stupid, I used the light sensor instead previously.

        I’ll upload the iso on some file sharing service and post the link here.

        Ah something weird : I use magnetic hdds with a pata-to-usb adapter for booting the exopc and it very often fail to detect the bootable disk. I used Bios setup to restore the default (with exopc splash screen) and it seems to work better.

        • MrLeV
        • 31/12/12
      • Thank you very much

        • MrLeV
        • 31/12/12

        OK, so I installed on a 12GB ext3 partition. Much better, but:
        – In “storage” parameter, I can see that only 0.98GB are available, on which 157MB are used for apps (I installed some of them already). Should I have used only 1GB for my android partition?
        – /mnt is read-only, and so is sdcard_ext, and sd_card too. Actually, everything ext3 seems to be read only, even if the “mount” command list the mounted devices are rw. I can’t copy/paste the output of the “mount” command, no sshd, no terminal server that can select text (at least I did not find any).
        And before you ask, yes, I installed the android system “read-write” (but how can we make sure this is the case?)
        – I have a 4GB SD card, which content can be seen using terminal but the “storage” applet does not see it. When I connect it, it seems to appear briefly (I can briefly see some sliders with “Audio” etc…). When I remove the SD card, the process crashes. I can’t create a file or folder on this external sd card (mounted in /mnt/sdcard_ext).

        Please help, in that state, android is almost useless to me…

      • If i remember correctly, with enought space, it creates a fake sd card with a 1Gb space. I think i usually install it in a 2Gb partition.

        To make changes in a read only, you only need to change it to read write. To do this, in a terminal, write su and press enter, then you are superuser. Once done, write “mount -o rw -o remount /system” without the quotes. Then exec mount and in the /system line you must see rw. I think that this changes remains at boot, but i’m not sure.

        About the sdcard, how long have you wait, because seems that android media is searching for multimedia files and maybe is checking the card. Sorry but without more info i cant help you more with this problem.

        • MrLeV
        • 2/01/13

        OK, so I did some more testing and playing.
        mount -rw -o remount works on /system and / but not on /mnt or even /data or /mnt/sdcard

        Here is the result of the “mount” command:
        rootfs / rootfs rw 0 0
        proc /proc proc rw,relatime 0 0
        sys /sys sysfs rw,relatime 0 0
        tmpfs / tmpfs rw,relatime 0 0
        /dev/sda1 /mnt ext3 rw,relatime,errors=continue,user_xattr,barrier=0,data=writeback 0 0
        /dev/sda1 /system ext3 rw,relatime,errors=continue,user_xattr,barrier=0,data=writeback 0 0
        tmpfs /cache tmpfs rw,relatime 0 0
        /dev/sda1 /data ext3 rw,relatime,errors=continue,user_xattr,barrier=0,data=writeback 0 0
        tmpfs /dev tmpfs rw,nosuid,relatime,mode=755 0 0
        devpts /dev/pts devpts rw,relatime,mode=600 0 0
        proc /proc proc rw,relatime 0 0
        sysfs /sys sysfs rw,relatime 0 0
        tmpfs /mnt/asec tmpfs rw,relatime,mode=755,gid=1000 0 0
        tmpfs /mnt/obb tmpfs rw,relatime,mode=755,gid=1000 0 0
        /dev/block/vold/8:17 /mnt/sdcard_ext vfat rw,dirsync,nosuid,nodev,noexec,relatime,uid=1000,gid=1023,fmask=0702,dmask=0702,allow_utime=0020,codepage=cp437,iocharset=iso8859-1,shortname=mixed,utf8,errors=remount-ro 0 0

        I did some investigation and it seems to me that it is very weird that /dev/sda1 is mounted 3 times ! in /system, /mnt, /data and /mnt/sdcard. Furthermore, /dev/sda1 does NOT exist at that point. but /dev/block/sda1 does exist…

        I have run a mount command on another ICS device I have (Samsung GT-P1000 with Cyanoden Mod 9) and the result is very different. And you can see that the devices that are mounted are actually in /dev/block and are different one from the other. The following comes from the GT-P1000:

        /dev/block/mtdblock2 /system yaffs2 ro,relatime 0 0
        /dev/block/mmcblk0p2 /data ext4 rw,nosuid,nodev,noatime,nodiratime,barrier=1,data=ordered,noauto_da_alloc 0 0

        In the ICS for WeTab/ExoPC that I installed from your iso, I don’t understand the mounting scheme (but I am not an expert in Linux-Embedded/Android). However, having something mounted in /mnt and then, something mounted in /mnt/sdcard seems very odd to me.

        Regarding the actual physical SDCARD, it has stayed all night long in the slot, with teh device powered on on AC adapter…

        Note that I can’t umount /mnt, /data or /mnt/sdcard, I get an “invalid argument” error. Same error with mount -rw -o remount on these mount-points

        I can make some changes in the configuration and especially the mounting of the various devices provided that I know were these settings/behavior are defined

        Regarding the size of the partition and the fake sdcard, I did have the choice to create a fake sdcard when installing and I selected to do it with the maximum size (2GB. FAT16 limitation I guess). But I did not have the choice to create a “user data” space, yet it was proposed to me when I first installed (2 GB max as well).
        So If I reinstall once again (I can do that, no problem) I’d really like to know what size of partition should I use. Maybe 14GB (when I used 16GB I had the choice for 2GB sdcard and 2GB data, with 12GB I have only 2GB sdcard)? But most of all, I’d like to understand the logics in all this. Any link/documentation would be greatly appreciated. And who knows, maybe I could help improving this GREAT implementation of Android x86, or even help with Android 4.2 for Wetab/ExoPC

        Ah, BTW, my ExoPC is the model that Intel gave away for Meego development last year. It does not have the GPS chip and I am almost certain it does not have any GSM/GPRS/3G chip either…

    • SuperTron
    • 14/01/13

    Hey, I can’t seem to find the files you posted (404’s on the download links), any chance you could double check the URL/put up another mirror for the image? Thanks!

    • Read the last comments… has problems with the files, but user MrLev uploaded again.

  24. Hi,

    it seems like the mirror of the current version is broken.
    Any chance you can reupload the image? If required I can host a mirror!


  25. I have a problem in the page “Please select a partition to install android”

    touch is not working neither the left upper button (sircled in orange). I can not go forward with the installation

    please help

    • You need to use a usb keyboard (as explained in the instructions, if i remember correctly).

  26. The download link leads to a page with a non-working .iso-file link. Could you please provide a torrent or some alternative download method?

  27. @corvusmod: it’s me again. Have you recently checked your download links? Currently your WeTab Android-x86 final build is no longer available for download. Maybe you can upload it to another host?

    Some readers of my blog has contacted me, because your link is dead.


    • Yes, i know… the links are offline because close my account, but in the comments there are valid links… sorry for this.


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