[ROM] CorvusReborn for Vega andother harmony based tablets

Hi people.

I was out for some time but i come back.

This is CorvusReborn for vega.

Android 4.0.4
All HW working (but BT, 3G and GPS not working/tested in this version)

This is a beta version, used as a base for future releases, so this version is in nvflash format. You know how to install it, if not search in this forum. Next versions will be in CWM format over this version.
For ROM cookers this is a clean version, only gapps is added and some tweaks for show the correct dpi.

How to install and make gapps work:

1) This is the only way that it will work by now and if it fails for you you are doing something wrong. Reflash and follow the steps wirh care.
2) Flash the Rom
3) Boot
4) When booted, configure wifi (in settings) and open calendar. It will ask you for you google account.
5) Config google account and it will give you a error (Google Account Manager has close). Press home and shutdown the tablet.
6) Reboot the tablet (now you will get a colorfull wallpaper) and open Gmail. The mail is in sync, so you can open the market. It will ask you for some permissions to access… accept all.

Like i said this is tested and it works… but if you dont follow this steps, and want to try another method, if market fails you can try to delete data (in settings, apps, all, google play, delete data) and cross your fingers.

If you like that wifi come back ok after resume, go to settings, wireless, press the up-right button, select advanced and change the way that wifi suspend to never, so this way you will not have wifi when suspended, but when resume your wifi will work.

Link: CorvusReborn

Thanks to all the work done by Ejtagle, Cass, Scanno, brucelee, Areo and all the other people i forgot.
Possibly all the questions you have are answered in this forum, so do a search. If not write some words here, but i will only replay to people that really spent some time searching for help (in this forum or google). So no reply to questions as: How to install? Will this work?… etc. If i get tired of read the same questions over an over again i will post less and less… you may think i am unpolite, but i am a man with little time and i prefer spend it working in roms…


By the way… you know that i have a paypal for donations, if you like my work you can buy me a beer 😀 Donate

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