SuperOSR for GemeiG9 and MOMO 11 Bird

Some time ago, i start to share knowledge with one of the best rom developer team for android devices, they are the Superteam. Thanks to them, PowerPlanet, Forotablets, christriantroy, quarkx2k and other developers i have been able to release SuperOSR 1.4.0.

This is an ALPHA version, that probably has errors, but with your help i will try to fix them all.

This is the install method and the known problems…

You will need:
SD card
Battery loaded to at least 50%
CWM (if you dont have it installed, follow this:

Once installed you can use CWM to make a backup.

1.-Copy to SD card.
2.-Enter CWM holding Vol- and power while booting.
4.-Once in CWM, you can use Vol- for move, power to select and back to go back.
5.-Select install zip from sdcard.
6.-Select choose zip from sdcard.
7.-Select, select yes and wait.
8.-Once finished select Reboot Now.

Once you config the google account, reboot.

If you whats to go back to your last rom, you can use CWM to restore it, or instal the official with LiveSuit.

Known errors:
In the MOMO seems that is a problem with the screen when resume (it remains black). I dont have a MOMO so i cant test it
In first boot you can get force closes, if happens shutdown the tablet and restart.
Sometimes the hardware video decoding doesnt works.
Sometimes the flash video doesnt works (depeding the webpage)

Not put the proccessor speed to 1250MHz, or you can get a burned tablet. Right now the stable speed is 960Mhz, you can try some higher speeds, but probably you will get freezes and random reboots. Come back to 960Mhz if you get them. This speed can be changed in the rom settings.


    • Renan
    • 18/08/12

    corvus can you help me please
    i flashed you aopk rom and its so awesome but in a week i installed hundreds of apps and that make it slow and i reset the tablet and i dont now why the internal sd (the mine g9 is 16) now is corrupted and its cant be formated
    please help
    i already try formated by the cwm dont work but for select archives works its mean it cam be mounted

    • This is an alpha rom, so has some problems.

      We are trying to fix all issues and will be a new image asap.


    • Renan
    • 18/08/12

    i think you dont understand the only bug i have is with the card i will up my dmesg and see with you can help me please its the internal sd is unformatable and umountable


    • Renan
    • 21/08/12

    nothin yet man

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